Are you a human?

Because of the advent of spamming robots, we've put this in to try and determine whether you're one of them.

Answer these questions to place a newstip. Don't worry; they're not that hard, if you're a human and have spent much time in an English-speaking country..

1. Dorothy, the scarecrow, Toto, and all that Wizard of Oz group went to a city called "Emerald City." If you were in Emerald City, what color would things be?

2. Although real woodchucks are merely groundhogs, and don't really chuck wood, in the tongue-twister, what does a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck?

3. BYU has a mascot. Perhaps you've seen it. It's big and it growls, and its name is Cosmo. Cosmo is supposed to be a type of cat, also known as a puma or a mountain lion. But here at BYU, we use the "C" word, and it was once a car built by Mercury. What kind of animal is the BYU Mascot?

4. There are three little words that everyone likes to hear -- particularly those people who sell diamonds to people who are going to get engaged. Those three little words are often abbreviated with three little letters, and if you cut the "w" off of the word "wily," you'll have them. What are the three little letters that signify the three little words?

5. Last question. If you wanted to go to the North Pole, which direction would you go?

Thanks for playing along. Click this button to see if you're a human or not!